About Bitcoin

Bitcoin in laymans terms

Bitcoin is an electronic currency predominantly used on the internet but being accepted in thousands more¬†shops Worldwide everyday. The exciting part about Bitcoin is that it has the potential to change how we view money now and in the future. This is something which scares the banks senseless as they lose control and the ability to commit daylight robbery. Better still, because of how Bitcoin works (which is spread over 1000’s of computers Worldwide) they can never shut it down. So much so, that they are rapidly investing in Blockchain technology, however, they have missed the boat!

Bitcoin is constantly evolving and now can be used with a Bitcoin debit card. This will increase the use and value exponentially and open it to the masses.

Bitcoin is easy to use and only takes a couple of minutes to set up.


about bitcoin

Here is a playlist of 12 videos which are all about Bitcoin

About Bitcoin