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Best rated bitcoin debit card comparison

These are the best rated bitcoin debit cards currently on the market, due to being user friendly, safe and secure.

PLEASE NOTE!!! Wavecrest have withdrawn support from Europe, so the Wirex card below is the only multicurrency cryptocurrency debit card available in the UK at this time!

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crypto debit card

Crypto-Currency Debit Card


  • No Loading Fee.
  • 0.5% BTC back on transactions.
  • Multiple Crypto-Currencies.
  • Online Current Account
  • Visa Debit Card.
  • Easy set up

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Other bitcoin debit cards

Coinsbank Mastercard & VISA. Fees and limitsBalance in BTC,  LTC, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB VISA ® Prepaid.Balance in EUR. FAQ, Fees and LimitsCard issuer: MyChoice 0.5 % Load Fee, Mid-market-rates, Physical and Virtual Cards.
Xapo VisaBalance in BTC   FeesCard issuer: MyChoiceReal-time conversion VISA ® Prepaid.Balance in EUR. FAQ, Fees and LimitsCard issuer: MyChoice0.5 % Load Fee, Mid-market-rates (BitStamp)Physical and Virtual CardsWB21Due to a high demand, the order form is currently deactivated .MastercardBalance in USD, EUR, GBP, CHFAccount loading with BTC – 1%    Card feesPlastic CardVirtual Card connected with smart phone’s NFC
Uquid Visa  Fees   Limits Balance in USD, EUR. GBP Card issuer: Wave Crest/MyChoice
Advcash  Mastercard. Balance in USD, EUR  Fees  Card issuer: Wave Crest/MyChoice
BitPay Visa coindesk  Balance in USD Card issuer: Metropolitan Commercial Bank
Bitnovo Balance in EURShift Visa. Balance in BTC (Coinbase) FeesMastercard.  Loading with BTC – 3%Balance in  USD, EUR     ArticleMoneyPolo Visa, Mastercard.Balance in USD, EUR, GBP Balance in USD, EUR, GBP  Fees and limitsCard issuer: AstroPay Balance in BTC  Card issuer: MyChoice. Virtual cards + NFC. Balance in 21 currencies (fiat)Visacapitalist.netswitch to English on top-right VisaBalance in USD, EURCard issuer: Wave Crest/ VisaBalance in USD, EUR

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With the dramatic volatility of Bitcoin and all Cryptocurrencies for that matter, it is priceless to be able to access your funds immediately through your nearest cashpoint!

Bitcoin Debit Cards Comparison

This site is being put together to enable anyone of any bitcoin knowledge level to easily compare bitcoin debit cards. There are a wide range of bitcoin debit cards which all have their pros and cons. On this site you will be able to find the right bitcoin debit card for you, whether you want a multi crypto-currency debit card, an anonymous bitcoin debit card or just the best rated bitcoin debit card. After all the World is rapidly changing and within a very short space of time, crypto-currency debit cards will be the norm, simply because Bitcoins, cryptocurrency and the Blockchain are the future of banking, both physically and electronically.

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